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Neighbourhood Drop-in Session


Distraction Theft Alert

Members are warned to be vigilant after several distraction thefts at premises in Suffolk over the past week.  Two such events have taken place in Eye, with the retailer being distracted by one of two “shoppers” whilst the other “shopper” took advantage of the distraction to gain access to a location where money could be stolen.  Please be alert to any suspicious activity.

I have circulated an alert on Eye-to-Eye requesting that shoppers are aware of the potential problem, and encouraging them to alert retailers if they sense anything suspicious.


Kings Bridge Found ‘Fit for Purpose’

Suffolk County Council has been contacted about the state of the bridge on the B1077 to Occold. The hope was that the poor state of this bridge might lead to a review of the HGV traffic using this route, which has seen a large increase in volume over the last few years and which causes continued problems at the Bank junction and Magdalen Street.

Unfortunately – this was the response :

“Both Abbey Bridge (36/12) on the B1117 and Kings Bridge (36/16) on the B1077 currently have an assessed structural capacity greater than 40T. They were both last inspected in May 2014 and are due to have a more detailed ‘Principal’ inspection in 2018 which will be followed by a structural review to BD101.

While the condition of both bridge continue to deteriorate, I do not have any current evidence to question their structural integrity and they remain ‘safe for use and fit for purpose’ for normal highway vehicle loading.”

Recent cracking in the pavement has been spotted on the Kings bridge and the Council plan on taking this to the Highways Agency. The quest for a Lorry-free town continues!

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