Eye Spring Clean

Sunday 22nd March 2015

Community involvement is at the centre of this years Spring Clean and we need your help to spruce up our town.

We’re asking local clubs and organisations, shop and business owners and residents to help improve local areas and make them more inviting.

The first step is to help us identify which areas of Eye you feel need attention. Please fill in the Poll below (Up to 5 answers allowed)


If there’s an area that would you would like included in the Spring Clean, and/or that you wish to take charge of, then please leave details, including your name and email/phone number.

Volunteers should meet at the Town Hall, Sunday 22nd March @ 9.30am, and sign up for one of the mornings tasks.   After the Spring Clean volunteers are invited to the Town Hall to enjoy refreshments.

Please bring sturdy/rubber gloves, a bucket and broom, wear suitable outdoor clothing and a hi-visibility jacket if you are able to.

All enquiries should be directed to Eye Town Clerk, email townclerk@eyesuffolk.org or telephone 01379 651898.